The blue light is a spectrum of an electronically inducted light which is harmful for the natural components of the eyes. This type of light is housed in various electronic and digital devices that base our days upon such as the tv, laptops, smartphones, tablets and portable gaming consoles. Although a small proportion of the blue light keeps the eyes active during the day and at night, however, a fair amount is responsible for damaging the retina and causing macular degeneration. The optometrists recommend not using the electronic items in a dim-light setting and blue light is the culprit. Moreover, not just in gadgets, a more intensified form of the hazardous blue light is found in the UV rays of the sun, which is another major source of destruction for human eyes. If not protected properly, the blue light interferes with the retinal tendencies of men, women & kids and begins plummeting the vision quality with various syndromes to encounter. 



Did you know that the unfiltered blue light is responsible for damaging your tendency to look at things clearly. This means that we can be easily targeted for the "Computer Vision Syndrome" CVS as the digital devices emit blue light without any stoppage and our eyes exercise to their focus back and forth, causing the retinal properties to weaken over a certain period of time and lose the natural potential of sight. After receiving this unfriendly stream of light, the human eyes start to react as it grapples with a more intense continuum of the rays than it can adhere to naturally. At the end, the blue light consisting of TVs, mobile phones, and other gadgets begin causing dry eyes, sticky eyes and digital eye strain which causes scalp pain and other irritations. If an average distance for High Energy Visible (HEL) blue light is not maintained by (415 to 455 nm) then there is a risk of succumbing to the digital eye burn.

Blue Cut Premium Digital Lenses

Blue Cut Premium Digital Lenses

Select The Single Vision Lenses and Choose "Anti-Reflective Coating" option. Select "Blue-Cut Premium Coating"


Get The  Digital Screen Protection Today! 

Get The  Digital Screen Protection Today! 

Our Digital Screen Protection is the most leading & reliable way of combating the digital eye-straining blue light. This type of lens is easily integrated into a frame of your choice and corresponds well with all types of lenses. Whether it's the progressive eyeglasses or a pair of bifocal eyewear, the digital screen protection coats up the regular lenses to turn your eyeglasses into a shield of protection from all things digital. Our blue cut lenses impressively block 17% of the light and have been tested with DIY pass-through experiments. Step into the digital world with confidence. Shop your glasses with Digital Screen Protection here.


Digital Screen Protection - The Main Takeaways

Regular vs Blue Cut Lenses

The Hard Truth - Your Vision In The Digital Age

Blue Cut Special Coated Lens


Already in need of the Blue Cut Premium Coating? It's time to add an extra layer of protection to your eyes by ordering your next pair of glasses at Goggles4U. Order blue cut lenses and save your vision from getting damaged and dodging the Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Experience the digital era with the protected vision for men, women and children. 


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